In het project “Moeders van” gingen moeders en kinderen een briefwisseling aan.

De korte animatiefilm “Valse Start” is een weergave van een van deze briefwisselingen.

Hierboven vind je de trailer van de nog niet uitgebrachte korte animatiefilm.

In the project of “Mothers of” mothers and children exchanged letters.

The short animated film “False Start” is an impression of one of those letter exchanges.

Above you’ll find the trailer of the not yet released animated short.


Wouter Haasnoot makes work involving animation, film, illustration and design - or any hybrid combination of those.

Before, he studied graphic design, got a degree in filmmaking, worked under various creative titles in advertising and wrote and directed a couple of short films.


From our Amsterdam-based studio we get your message clear and your story straight.

We make creative content like (animated) videos as well as illustration and design projects.

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