Your Sense ontwikkeld gehoorsystemen voor slechthorenden. Om publieke gebouwen toegankelijk te maken voor deze grote groep mensen, heeft Your Sense allerlei gehoorsystemen. Wij hebben twee animaties gemaakt om deze gehoorsystemen in publieke gebouwen te laten zien.
Your Sense develops hearing systems for the hard of hearing. To make public buildings accessible for this
large group of people, Your Sense has all kinds of hearing systems. We created two films to show hearing systems in public buildings.


Wouter Haasnoot makes work involving animation, film, illustration and design - or any hybrid combination of those.

Before, he studied graphic design, got a degree in filmmaking, worked under various creative titles in advertising and wrote and directed a couple of short films.


From our Amsterdam-based studio we get your message clear and your story straight.

We make creative content like (animated) videos as well as illustration and design projects.

Feel free to get in touch.

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